Portion Pack Belgium is dedicated to continuously achieve the highest level of quality!

We work with food so food safety is of great importance. In every level of the logistics and production chain, we strive for quality: not only in terms of our products, internal processes and employees, but also with our business partners who need to comply with our quality standards as to their raw materials, products and processes.

Achieving high quality is a task that is never finished. It’s an ongoing process that must be continuously monitored and controlled. A sound quality system is essential and therefore we are continuously improving it in every sense. Our quality system complies with the legal requirements from IFS (International Food Standard) and on an annual basis Portion Pack Belgium scores the “highest level” during the regular audits: a recognition of our ongoing commitment to quality. All items, such as raw materials, packaging materials and finished products, can be traced through each phase of the production process, from purchase to delivery. Every aspect relevant for quality is closely monitored through risk analysis, product & process management, staff training, and internal & external audits.

In addition to our quality certification, Portion Pack Belgium is also certified for the production and packaging of organic and fair trade products, as well as the production of UTZ chocolate and Kosher.

So Quality everywhere and Quality with a capital “Q”.

***IFS certificate***
***ACS certificate***
***Bio certificate***