Portion Pack Belgium was formed in 2004 by the merger of the Belgian companies Elite Biscuits NV from Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Waver and Cocachoc NV from Herentals. In 2011, the production of Union Edel Chocolade was incorporated.

Biscuiterie Elite
Biscuiterie Elite started in 1982. The company distinguished itself as ‘the’ pioneer supplier of individually packed biscuits for the foodservice market in Belgium. The finest biscuits were purchased from European bakeries, of which Delacre was one of the most important. In 1999, the family-owned company was taken over by Tiense suikerraffinaderij and was included in the PortionPack Europe division. By that time, Elite was also supplying sugar portions in addition to its biscuit assortment. In 2001, other service products and salted snacks were added to the portfolio.

The history of Cocachoc originates with Alfons Caeyers, a traditional baker from Antwerp. In 1956, the bakery was sold but Alfons remained active in the sector of the traditional production of sweet goods. He devoted himself to the production of marzipan and chocolate, and later also to various types of handmade truffles and coconut drops. The company in Wilrijk, Belgium, was named “Confiserie Caeyers”. Owing to continued growth and the limited expansion possibilities, the family-owned company moved in 1979 to Toekomstlaan 14 in Herentals, Belgium. Alfons Caeyers passed leadership to his four sons and the company was renamed Cocachoc (for Confiserie Caeyers Chocolaterie). Somewhat later, owing to continued growth, the company again moved further up the road to Toekomstlaan 49. In 2002, the family-owned company was taken over by the group and was also included in the PortionPack Europe division. In 2004, production of both Belgian branches was combined at the site of Cocachoc in Herentals and Portion Pack Belgium was born.

Union Edel Chocolade
The history of Union Edel Chocolade dates to the 1900s. Over the years, the company specialised in square and rectangular Neapolitans, chocolates of 4.5 g and 8.5 g, respectively. The assortment was split into a wide range of collections with standard wrappers, with the option of personalised wrappers. In 2011, the company was acquired by PortionPack Europe, and the entire production was transferred to Portion Pack Belgium in Herentals.