Portion Pack Belgium

Your portions, our passion

Portion Pack Belgium is ‘the portion company’ in Belgium and Luxembourg,
a supplier of a full range of portion packs.

Portion Pack Belgium is a subsidiary of PortionPack Europe, which itself is part of the German Südzucker group. The company was created by the merger of the Belgian companies Elite Biscuits NV from Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Waver and Cocachoc NV from Herentals. Subsequently, the production of Union Edel Chocolade was incorporated. These family-owned companies were specialised in portion packing of biscuits and in the production and portion packing of chocolate products.

Benefitting from the group structure, Portion Pack Belgium has grown into one of the largest producers of portion packs in Europe. Particularly for the foodservice industry, the company is a market leader in biscuit, chocolate and sugar portions, which can be customised with your logo and brand. The company can also supply you with other portion products such as sweeteners, instant drinks, bread spreads, sauces and hotel amenities. The corporate drive is to continuously find new solutions – in packaging forms and in content. Add to this the wide assortment and in-house graphics knowledge, and you will understand why Portion Pack Belgium is ‘the’ prominent partner for businesses in the foodservice sector in Belgium and abroad.

If you are not a foodservice business, but are looking for a professional packer for your products, you’ve found the right partner with Portion Pack Belgium. Together with you, we will develop your project – custom made – and pack your food products as you require.