PortionPack Europe (PPE)

Welcome to the world of portions

Portion Pack Belgium is a subsidiary of PortionPack Europe Holding, located in Oud-Beijerland (The Netherlands). .
PortionPack Europe is a grouping of specialists in the field of portion packs and operates under the wings of European sugar market leader Südzucker. Within this group, Portion Pack Belgium is joined by Van Oordt - the portion company, Hellma Germany, Hellma Czech Republic, Hellma Austria, Hellma Poland, Single Source (UK & Ireland) and PortionPack Iberia (SAES). These portion companies share their resources, which leads to innovation, know-how, greater efficiency and significant economies of scale. The group sells approximately 15 billion portions annually, or up to 40 million portions per day..

PortionPack Europe heeft haar ambitie ook geuit om buiten Europa verder te groeien en marktleider te worden in portie verpakkingen. Met de recente participatie in de Zuid-Afrikaanse onderneming COSO, werden de eerste stappen gezet.

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A look behind the scenes
A biscuit, a chocolate and sugar with a coffee. Chocolate spread at breakfast. Cassonade sugar on a pancake. Almost every day you come into contact with a product of Portion Pack Belgium or one of the other companies within PortionPack Europe. But how does it work and is it produced? The video below will give you a concise insight into the process and help you understand what we do. With many thanks to our customers and personnel for their effort and enthusiasm – without them the film could never have been made.

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