Portion Pack Belgium focuses its activities on three sectors:


Portion Pack Belgium offers the foodservice business a wide range of individual packed biscuits and chocolates under the brand ‘Elite , Belgian Chocolates & Biscuits’ or the brand of the client. All these products are packed and/or produced with passion at Portion Pack Belgium to the highest quality standards to meet customer requirements and to pamper the consumer.

Apart from biscuits and chocolates from its own production, Portion Pack Belgium also offers a wide range of sugar and other service portions: sugar in sticks, bags or as cubes, sweetener, creamer, honey, drinking chocolate, jam,…Most of these products are produced within the PortionPack Europe group, others are (mostly A-) branded products which we distribute – sometimes exclusively - for our partners.


There is a growing demand for convenience and an increasing need for variety. Households are smaller and there are more of an older age in the population. Enough reasons why portions have become more interesting for consumers in supermarkets. There are various possibilities: an assortment of biscuits and chocolates, individually wrapped in an attractive box or a trendy bag, sugar or whitener in handy customised packaging,….

Portion Pack Belgium offers its chocolates not only at major retailers, but also at small speciality shops and souvenir boutiques - beautiful gift boxes with individual packs in different themes, from art to culture.

Contract packing (industry)

In addition to the production and packing of its own assortment, Portion Pack Belgium provides solutions for other companies. Using its expertise and machinery Portion Pack Belgium is an ideal partner for companies, who, whether temporarily or for the duration of a project, need to outsource their packing. Not only as a co-packer, but also in terms of a producer of chocolate, Portion Pack Belgium can offer solutions for the industry as a manufacturer of tablet and Neapolitan chocolates. Affiliated companies, from their sites, can also provide the processing of powders, granules, fluids, pastes and other materials.

Through these three sectors, Portion Pack Belgium is present in the market. Although there is no direct sale to consumers, they are the ultimate target and therefore have a considerable importance and influence in all our activities. Our ‘Passion for portions’ is fully focused : to treat the consumers with a convenient, hygienic, innovative and above all delicious portion.